Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Computer Fair

There was an elementary computer fair on May 4th. I entered 3 separate groups.  The 3 areas I entered projects with 9 kids are iMovie, multimedia presentation, and logo design.  On paper, this seemed very doable and not over the top at all.  However, since this is my first time doing this, I think I went a little over my head by having 3 groups creating at once with 3 different softwares that the students aren't overly fluent in.
Luckily, minus some tweaking, the multimedia group has a decent grasp on powerpoint.  The iMovie group had a great plan of attack, in the beginning, they just lacked the photos, music, etc to get themselves going.  Their subject matter is the food pyramid, which means most pictures came from outside of school time because used real-life pictures, not clip art.  I gave each kid a turn taking the flip camera home to film.  They did an awesome job!
The logo group, started with a great design on paper.  The bump in their road was finding which program fit the tools they needed to take their hand drawn logo and create it on the computer.   Afrter trying several programs, they used Paint.
All 3 groups did an outstanding job at the fair.  My logo group took 1st place and their design will be the logo used to showcasse next year's event.  Multimedia took 1st place with their PowerPoint on Disney World and iMovie took 2rd!! I was sooo proud of them :)

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