Thursday, June 16, 2011

Social Bookmarking- accounts

I think using social bookmarking as a professional tool would be highly beneficial for not only the teachers on your team, but also any teacher in your building or district wide in your grade range. I know that I constantly reference my delicious account when teachers are looking for websites. Up until I started a webpage, I was going to solely use my delicious account for website access.  When I find a website that I think my kids would benefit from while I at home, I place it on my delicious account until I get to school.  Once at school, I can open up my delicious account and favorite the sites that I added for the kids to use.  
If I was still in the technology position, my plan would be to create a delicious account for the school. I would make the username and password accessible for all staff so that anyone could add links at anytime for everyone to use! This way staff will have access to the valuable resources that teachers find everyday but are to busy to share most times (or just plain forget by the time they see another colleague).  I also think a lot of teachers want to incorporate more technology into their everyday curriculum but lack the resources.  Having a delicious account for all the teachers in one building to use would eliminate teachers not knowing where and what sites are beneficial for students and for their own professional purposes as well!

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