Saturday, June 11, 2011

Student Blogging Project- "Podcasting is Power"

The project that I found while searching for student blogging projects started as blogs but eventually turned into podcasts that were created from the reading groups in this classroom once a week.  The blog was truly an inspiration on how podcasts and web 2.0 tools can be used in the classroom in effective ways.  This also showed me how kids are "sponges" when it comes to learning and adapting new technologies/information. After the kids learned how to create their podcasts, thanks to the step by step checklists the teachers created, the student groups continued to create their own podcasts and eventually had them posted on itunes for others to learn from.  This exercise is a true depiction of students teaching students reading!  OUTSTANDING JOB! This has given me a very positive and enthusiastic outlook for the next school year of something I definitely plan on implementing with my 2nd grade students (even if it just to podcast something they publish and post for only parents to hear.. it will be a start) I will be borrowing the checklist to create tho! Thanks so much to the Always Learning Blog!

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