Sunday, July 10, 2011


After reading the wiki on connectivism by Group D, I completely agree with the points that they made throughout their wiki.  They did a great job of showcasing their information through visual aids and video. Those extra components helped to clarify their viewpoint on connectivism and how important it is for a student to survive and flourish in this digital age.  Group D stated, " the learner must make a specific topic their reality," what common sense! Any student learns better when they can make a connection to a topic based around their own world.  These connections are brought about through the (internet) Web and continuously used as engagement from the teacher to the student.  Teachers know that keeping kids engaged is a difficult task and with the rise of the digital age, it gives teachers a means to help students grow while enjoying what and how they are learning.  But overall, is connectivism a learning theory? What a great discussion starter.....

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