Thursday, July 21, 2011

Web Application- Google Earth

In my classroom, I would utilize the web application, Google Earth.  I think Google Earth is a great tool to integrate in Social Studies or anywhere across the curriculum.  I would use Google Earth in Social Studies to correlate with my lessons on maps and globes.  One way to use this is individually is to have the students find their house using Google Earth and have them complete a worksheet where they have to find either a landmark, street etc North, South, East and West of their house to assess their ability to use cardinal directions.  As a whole group, I could use this application when we deal with stories that are set in other parts of the world.  I could open up Google Earth and show the kids on the globe exactly where the location is and then zoom in to show the students what that particular area looks like.  This application also could be used with lessons on the solar system/outer space.  Truly, this is an extremely valuable classroom tool! Finally, the best part is that Google Earth is a free download.

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  1. The kids love GoogleEarth. You could also have them look at geologic locations when you talk about the states (Grand Canyon).